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  • Earn points
    and vouchers

    Get set to be rewarded on every transaction you make at PVR Cinemas or on our website. You earn 1 PVR Privilege Point for every INR 1 you spend and 15 PVR Privilege Points on the first online purchase of tickets after enrolling. After earning 50 points, you automatically receive a voucher for the amount.
  • Redeem your

    More means more fun! Your Vouchers are valid on subsequent transactions at our cinemas and on our website.
  • Exclusive

    That's not all! With PVR Privilege membership, you get birthday bonuses, combo upgrades on F&B spends, additional rewards for transacting at, and more, to make your movie-going experience hugely rewarding.
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Gold Tier

5% PVR Privilege points on ticket spends
5% PVR Privilege points on F&B spends
F&B vouchers worth Rs. 300

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Silver Tier Gold Tier
Joining Fee Free INR 300
Bundled F&B Coupons - Three F&B Vouchers (of INR 100 each)
These vouchers are valid for 1 year post-enrolment
1 PVR Privilege Point= INR 1 INR 1
Earning rules*
  1. Every INR 100 spent on Tickets earns you 2 PVR Privilege points Every INR 100 spent on F&B earns you 4 PVR Privilege points
  2. 15 PVR Points on first online transaction post enrolment
  1. Every INR 100 spent on Tickets and F&B earns you 5 PVR Privilege points
  2. 15 PVR Points on first online transaction post enrolment
Redemption System Vouchers worth INR 50 will be sent to your registered mobile number, when you reach 50 points Vouchers worth INR 50 will be sent to your registered mobile number, when you reach 50 points
Voucher valid on Silver-tier M-vouchers valid on redemptions on spends on F&B items only Gold-tier M-vouchers valid on redemptions on spends on tickets as well as on F&B
Points Expiry 12 months 12 Months
Voucher Expiry 3 months 4 months
Membership Expiry 12 months 12 months
Other benefits
  1. Birthday bonus (30 PVR Privilege points)
  1. Combo upgrade vouchers sent on your registered mobile number after your first visit (maximum of 4 per annum)
  2. Birthday bonus (30 PVR Privilege points)

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General Program Questions

PVR Privilege Club is a Loyalty program that rewards patrons for attending participating PVR Cinemas. Members get to earn Points on their spends on Tickets and on F&B items, and those Points are used to generate vouchers that can be applied to future purchases of tickets and/or F&B.
PVR Privilege Club is a card-less program, where your Mobile number acts as your Unique identifier. Members need to provide their registered mobile number every time they transact at PVR in order for us to credit the appropriate number of Points into their account. There are no hassles of carrying a card with this program.
All spends on purchase of Tickets and Food & Beverages made at our cinemas or on our website ( earn points under the PVR Privilege Program.
Members can track their points and reward vouchers through the following means:
  1. PVR will send an SMS to the registered mobile number after every transaction, outlining the points accrued in that transaction as well as total points outstanding.
  2. Members can login at and go to "My Profile" page, where details of total points balance, available vouchers and their transaction history would be visible
  3. Members can give a missed call to 9871787878, and an SMS would shortly be sent to their registered mobile number outlining their total points and available vouchers
Note: It may take up to 72 hours from a given transaction for points and vouchers to be credited in an account
Your mobile number acts as the Identifier in this program. Hence you must provide the number upon making your transaction at PVR cinemas or our website, in order for us to credit points for that transaction to your account.
Transactions made without entry of mobile number cannot be tagged to an account under the PVR Privilege program. Hence, you must never forget to provide your mobile number for every transaction.
After the points value of a member reaches or exceeds 50, the program back-end automatically redeems 50 points from their total and converts it into a Reward Voucher worth INR 50. This voucher can be applied towards future transactions at PVR Cinemas or at our website.
Of course.
You can re-generate an SMS with details of your outstanding points and available vouchers by doing the following:
  1. You can login at and go to "My Profile" page. Against each available voucher would be a link called "Click to SMS"; clicking on this link would send an SMS to your registered mobile number.
  2. You can give a missed call to 9871787878, and an SMS would shortly be sent to your registered mobile number outlining the total points and available vouchers

Enrolment & Registration

You can become a member of the PVR Privilege in one of the following ways:
  1. You can visit any of the selected cinemas where the Program is rolled out and give your number at the Box office or at the PVR Privilege desk.
  2. 2. You can visit and go to "Join Now" section and choose to enroll from the available options.
You should update your profile so that we may be able to send you personalized offers, and special birthday bonuses as applicable to your tier.

Benefits & Rewards

You pay INR 300 and give your mobile number, in order to enroll into the Gold Tier of the PVR Privilege program for one year. You will immediately get 3 complimentary F&B vouchers (INR 100 each) via SMS, which you can redeem at once! That's not all! You also get 15 PVR points on the first online transaction after enrolment.
You earn PVR Privilege points @5% on spends on tickets and on F&B by quoting your number during every transaction. Redemption is automatic - the moment you reach or exceed 50 points, you will receive vouchers worth INR 50 each. These vouchers can be used at Box Office or F&B counters at our cinemas, and on our website.
Your points are valid for 12 months, and your vouchers for 120 days.
There's more! Gold tier members get up to 4 F&B combo upgrade vouchers per year. With these Combo Upgrade vouchers, you get upgraded to Couples' large combo; but have to pay only for a Large combo.
And let's not forget the 30 PVR Privilege points as your birthday bonus. Didn't we promise more for less?
You can use your Reward vouchers in the following ways:
  1. You should narrate the voucher code / show the Voucher SMS to the staff member at the Box Office or F&B counter at a participating PVR cinema, and (s)he will apply the same on your transaction.
  2. You would need to enter the voucher code in the "Apply Promo code" text box on the Payment page of our website before you complete the transaction.
You can use multiple vouchers of one type in one transaction, provided the total face value of the vouchers does not exceed the value of the purchased item. E.g. you can use up to Two vouchers of Rs. 50 to pay for a Rs. 100 item at PVR.
Your PVR Privilege points are valid for one year from the date of issue.
Your PVR Privilege Reward vouchers are valid for 120 days from the date of issue.

Account Management

You can update your personal profile information such as your full name, email ID, date of birth etc. by means of following methods:
  1. Upon enrollment, you will get a Welcome SMS which will have a link embedded within. Clicking on that link will take you to a personalized Profile page, where you can update your details.
  2. Alternatively, you can login at, select "My Profile" tab from the menu at the top, and visit the "Update your profile" section and update the same.
Note : In both the above instances, you can update your profile information fields EXCEPT your mobile number. For information on how to update your mobile number, pls read below.
If you would like to update your mobile number, you can send us an email at We will update your PVR Privilege Account and transfer previously accrued points and vouchers. Kindly allow us up to 72 hours to effect this change.
If you have any questions or need more information about your account, first check the Transactions History tab on the MyProfile page of our website. If your doubts still persist, please Contact us at with your query and we will revert to you.
As on the date of writing, your points and vouchers are valid only in the city you enrolled originally.
However, the PVR Privilege program is being progressively rolled out across the country. So, you will soon be able to use your membership across all PVR cinemas!