What is PVR Discount Card?

This is a pre-paid discount card which can be redeemed against purchase of tickets, and for food & beverages at the PVR cinemas (except PVR Mahagun, PVR Opulent, Director’s Cut & Gold Class), and at

Where can I purchase this card from?

It can be purchased online at and also from the PVR Sites near you.

What values can I purchase it for?

PVR Discount card is available in one denomination – Rs. 1000/- but you have to pay only Rs-800. 100% Fun @ 20% Discount.

Where can the card be used ?

As mentioned earlier, PVR Discount card be used for purchasing tickets and F&B at all PVR cinemas (except PVR Mahagun, PVR Opulent, Director’s Cut & Gold Class). It can also be utilized for online ticket purchases through our website

Are there any fees or administration charges for the Discount card?

Currently, there are no charges for purchase of Discount card.

Is the price inclusive of all taxes?

Yes, prices Rs-800 is all including taxes.

Does having a Discount card guarantee me ticket availability for specific movies or shows ?

No.The tickets are subject to availability. Tickets have to be purchased as always. The payment for the same can be made using the Discount cards.

Should the value on the Discount card be spent in only one transaction ?

No, the value on the card can be part-spent. For example, if you have a Rs. 1000/- value promotion card, Rs. 300/- can be consumed in your first usage, and the remaining balance will be available for subsequent usage.

How long is the money value on the Discount card valid?

This Discount card is valid till 15th, April 2012”.

Can the card be reloaded ?

Currently, the PVR Discount Card is not reloadable.

What happens if I lose a card ?

This is a bearer card and to be treated like cash. If the card is lost no replacement will be issued.

How do I use this card for online purchase?

Select the Discount card as the payment option. On prompted, enter the 16-digit card number at the back-side of the card. Enter the PIN under the scratch PIN panel on the back-side of the card. Await successful approval.

What if my ticket or food / beverage purchase value is higher than the Discount card balance?

The balance amount can be paid through cash or credit card at the cinemas, or through credit card/debit card online.

How do I know the denomination of the card?

Denomination is printed on the card.

How do I identify my Discount card?

Each Discount card has a unique serial number that is printed on the back-side of the card to avoid confusion.

How do I know the balance and expiry date of the card?

Balance and expiry date can be obtained from the box-office, at the candy bar.

Can I club more than one Discount card at the time of purchase?

Yes, you can. The same payment can include combination of multiple Discount cards, cash and / or credit or debit cards.

If I purchase a card at one of the PVR Cinemas, should the card be used at the same Cinema?

No, these cards can be redeemed at any of the PVR Cinemas (except PVR Mahagun, PVR Opulent, and Director’s Cut & Gold Class) or online at

Can I purchase a Discount card using another Discount card?

No, you can only purchase it through debit card or net banking. As a policy, purchasing a Discount card using another Discount Card/Gift card is not allowed.

What should I do once the balance on the Discount card is exhausted?

You can choose to retain the card or hand it over to the PVR staff.

Is the PVR Discount Card transferable?

Yes, the PVR Discount Card is transferable.

What happens if there are still funds available when my Discount Card Expires?

We encourage you to use the entire amount before the Discount Card expires as unused value, regardless of value, will not be refunded.

Do I enjoy priority seat selection if I own a PVR Discount Card?

No, the PVR discount Card does not guarantee priority seating selection and ticket availability.